President’s Message

I recently had the honor of being appointed President of this company as President Yoshida’s successor. I hope I can earn your support in fulfilling this weighty role.

Ever since our company was established in 1975, we have tackled a variety of projects as a construction planning consultant on the two major themes of “cities” and “the environment.” As these fields of activity diversify over time, we have continued to invest energy in promoting surface development and urban redevelopment projects based on various urban planning systems, as well as planning and designing parks and green areas, environmental assessment, and various environmental surveys and plans.

Today, we are required to address a variety of issues facing Japan’s urban regeneration, town planning and local development. These include the declining birth rate and population aging, increasing the resilience of national infrastructure, promoting urban regeneration and regional revitalization, environmental consideration and biodiversity, and calls for greater safety and security, including disaster prevention, disaster mitigation and energy security. Given these demands, we in the construction industry are strongly expected to solve problems with an eye on the future, by making effective use of existing stock when reconstituting and enhancing social infrastructure, and by forming a rich environment in the process.

To address these demands, we are continually striving for self-improvement to become a front runner in our various sectors, as well as focusing energy on biodiversity and health. As part of this, we are an active member of the Association for Business Innovation in Harmony with Nature and Community, the Smart Wellness Community and others. In response to global demand, meanwhile, we also make a positive contribution to overseas projects.

In future, Polytech ADD, as a specialist consultant on cities and the environment, will continue to apply diverse technologies (polytechnic = Polytech) for cities and the environment, which have been cultivated since the company was founded, to area development and design (= ADD). In this way, we will play our part in creating a sustainable society.

I hope we can count on your continued patronage and support for Polytech ADD.

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June 2022
Yoshinori Mochizuki