Business Introduction

Urban and Landscape Planning

Our services include wide-ranging planning and design consultation in the following fields:

  • ・Development of General Municipal Plans, Urban Master Plans, community renovation at district and neighborhood levels, urban planning, and regional revitalization
  • ・Development of master plans and project designs for industrial promotion (in manufacturing, commerce, tourism, etc.) and for promotion of various services including welfare, medical care, education, culture, etc.
  • ・Planning and design of housing complexes, parks and green spaces, streets, and rivers.

We also apply our unique combination of specializations in urban and environmental technologies to plan ‘smart communities.’

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Urban and Landscape Planning

We work together with rights holders and local governments from the earliest stages of urban renewal projects, up to the completion of construction works, in both private-sector joint projects and government-subsidized urban redevelopment projects.

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Environmental Planning

We provide consultation in all relevant fields, including;

  • ・Environmental planning: environmental impact assessment, regional environmental management plans, and municipality basic environment plans,
  • ・Energy and water resource management plans, and
  • ・Planning and design of biotopes.

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International Projects

Services provided by the International Project Team seek to achieve three aims in the urban and landscape planning and environmental planning fields: 1) support clients and administrative agencies in host countries, 2) support Japanese enterprises planning to do business overseas, and 3) make proposals vis-à-vis Japanese systems and technologies based on studies of advanced initiatives in other countries.

We have ample experiences in the Social and Environmental Impact Assessment required by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), and in assisting Japanese companies for preparation of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project proposals.

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