Urban and Landscape Planning Group

Urban and Landscape Planning

In urban and regional planning, we create desirable spaces and mechanisms as well as preserve and give shape to landscapes and environments in not only urban areas but also villages, rural areas, and natural green areas. We also study, analyze, and prepare recommendations for industries that support communities (e.g., manufacturing, commerce, distribution, and tourism) as well as in such important fields as health care, medical care, welfare, education, and culture. We provide a broad range of consulting services that extend from planning based on resident-participatory workshops to planning that makes full use of GIS and other cutting-edge technologies.

In landscape design and planning, we look at exterior spaces comprehensively to provide better environments, harmonious landscapes, and comfortable settings for activity and daily living. Such design covers a wide spectrum of spaces, including public parks and green areas; roads; housing, industrial, and distribution complexes; tourism and resort facilities; and golf courses. We provide integrated and concept-focused consulting that extends from planning to design and construction supervision and from project launch to completion, with solid understanding of the land’s potential and the natural, historical, and cultural aspects of the region.

When developing sloped areas or complex topographies, it is important to plan the land use and topography in ways that fully consider ecosystems and landscapes. Here, we proceed with design that is based on our own “regional planning and design system” (System of Land Planning; SLP ) and computer graphics (CG). These systems can translate various forms of information into easy-to-understand visual presentations and precise simulations.

Looking forward, we will work to create smart communities as we also engage in urban and regional planning and landscape development. Working in close collaboration with the Environment Planning Group, we will emphasize planning and design of a low-carbon society with high added-value industry by making full use of environmental technologies.

Main business fields

  • ・General urban planning, regional promotion, community renovation, revitalization of city centers
  • ・Urban planning (urban master plans, district planning, urban development, development of densely populated urban areas, etc.)
  • ・Large-scale development (housing, complex development, development of new urban centers, etc.)
  • ・Industry (industrial promotion, distribution, commerce, location of large retail stores, etc.)
  • ・Health care, medical care, welfare
  • ・Education, culture
  • ・Tourism, resorts
  • ・Landscape design (public parks, green areas, streets, building exteriors, landscape planning, etc.)