International Project Team

International Project Team

Since its founding in 1975, POLYTECH ADD has been a constant player in overseas operations. To expand these operations more actively and throughout our company, and to make a social contribution by utilizing skills we have refined through our domestic operations, we established the International Project Team in fiscal 2012.

Services provided by the International Project Team seek to achieve three aims in the urban and landscape planning and environmental planning fields: 1) support clients and administrative agencies in host countries, 2) support Japanese enterprises planning to do business overseas, and 3) make proposals vis-à-vis Japanese systems and technologies based on studies of advanced initiatives in other countries.

International Project Team: Projects

Services provided

Field Description of technologies available and services provided
1. Environmental impact assessment and examination of environmental and social impacts
  • 1-1. Consulting in the examination of environmental and social effects, which has become a vital element of ODA projects in many countries in Asia and around the world.
  • 1-2. Surveys on host countries’ legal systems that are matched to overseas expansion by Japanese enterprises, study and proposal of various projects for examining environmental and social effects, and support in negotiations and coordination with organizations in host countries.
  • 1-3. Planning and execution of surveys and proposals aimed at improving Japan’s legal system. Included are socioeconomic evaluations (including evaluations based on guidelines used by the World Bank and Asian Development Bank), scoping at initial project phases and evaluations of strategic effect, and evaluation of combined effect.
2. Climate change countermeasures and energy
  • 2-1. Onsite data gathering, coordination with host country organizations, and support for PDD (project design documents) for post-Kyoto mechanism projects implemented by Japanese enterprises.
  • 2-2. Surveys of emissions trading systems in the EU, North America, and other overseas regions.
  • 2-3. Supply of information on global systems and mechanisms (including bilateral trade with Japan) and support for system-building that targets government officials in developing countries.
  • 2-4. Proposals for planning menus for energy facilities needed to acquire international environmental performance certification (such as LEED-ND) as well as environmental performance certification under host countries’ systems in overseas smart city development projects promoted by Japanese enterprises, etc.
3. Biodiversity and natural environment
  • 3-1. Surveys on systems for preserving and developing large-scale green space structures in North America, Europe, Australia, etc., and on methods for integrating habitat value appraisals with land appraisal systems/development control systems.
  • 3-2. Local surveys on the above themes, and planning and management of seminars attended by overseas experts, etc.
4. Landscape and urban planning
  • 4-1. We propose urban and landscape designs that are in tune with overseas expansion by Japanese enterprises and remain respectful of the natural features and laws of the host country. Here, we strive to create smart communities with emphasis on low carbon, added value-oriented planning and design by utilizing POLYTECH ADD’s human resources and experience in a crosscutting manner.

International Project Team

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