Environmental Planning Group

Environmental Planning Group

Clues for solving today’s environmental problems come to light only when cooperation and partnership are achieved among actors who look at these problems from differing perspectives—namely, the general public, government, and industry. We propose highly practicable environmental plans by considering the nature of such cooperation and the standpoint of each actor, and by focusing on the unique characteristics of the community as well as the minds and values of people who live and work in the area.

Main business fields

Environmental assessment

Enactment of the revised Act for Assessment of Environmental Impacts in April 2011 obligates businesses to take a number of new environmental measures, including preparing environmental impact statements at the project planning phase, holding public meetings on scoping documents prior to project construction, and preparing and disclosing post-project monitoring reports. Regulations and guidelines to be implemented by local governments will soon make similar demands. Here, POLYTECH ADD uses its first-hand experience in strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and planning assessment in leading local governments to provide customers with integrated consulting at all project stages—from conceptualization through to completion.

We specialize in environmental assessment of large-scale development and urban renewal projects. Thus, we cooperate with customers to facilitate smooth project launches by making proposals on environmental protection measures and project details that help customers create desirable environments.

We also have a strong track record in preparing technical manuals for environmental impact assessment, studying technical guidelines to satisfy regulations, and promoting R&D on impact simulation technologies.

Environmental master plans, biodiversity and natural environments, global warming and energy, PCB waste

We support the planning of low-carbon and biodiversity-based communities with an eye to realizing “environment-friendly communities” that cultivate rich culture in cities and reduce burden on the global environment.

We also formulate conservation and rehabilitation plans that are based on scientific studies of the natural environment. And we develop biotopes through workshops with local residents; administer work to restore soil environments, etc.; formulate environmental master plans; support PCB-disposal procedures; support all aspects of planning in environmental management (such as preparation of environmental reports); support applications for environmental performance certification according to the CASBEE-UD manual, etc.; and conduct research on offset measures to preserve biodiversity (BBOP Guidelines).

Planning of environmental conservation and examination of environmental and social effects related to infrastructure development projects implemented overseas

We support environmental assessments, examinations of environmental and social impacts, and planning for environmental conservation at the preparatory stage of overseas infrastructure development projects undertaken by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

We also provide environment-minded consulting in overseas project formulation by private enterprises (CDM projects, etc.) and take on environmental restoration work in contaminated soil areas (e.g., with technologies employing phytoremediation).